Should your brand be posting on social media these holidays?

We've all seen social media posts by brands on Christmas, during the Ashes or on critical days of recognition like May 4th, Star Wars Day. While this has been a staple of social posting for years, brands get caught out when they don't stop and consider whether their presence is appropriate or necessary in recognising the purpose of the day.

How many times have you seen a brands disingenuous post during a day of solemnity, or missing the point entirely with their lazy or poorly thought through attempt to get some cheap engagement? When it goes truly wrong you end up on the front page of every sassy online publication. Do you remember this gem from Woolworths? A Fresh ANZAC day ensued for them as they scrambled to pull back from the campaign, blame their agency and try not to do any further damage.


Significant dates are often a crutch for brands who don't create good content. Rather than coming up with something original, or investing in something that people might want to see, you go to what's easy, what's been done before. A quick Merry Christmas, a branded spooky Halloween version of your product or a quirky homage to Shark Week. Strategically do any of these things align with what your marketing presence is trying to achieve on Social?

Don't get me wrong though, every now and then one makes sense. A toothpaste brand talking about tooth health around Halloween because they know you'll be eating a ton of lollies was an example we went through with a client recently. It has value independently of the date, as the information is still valuable. If your brand has content that is relevant to a significant date, then jump right in!

Maybe the best way to work out if your brand is appropriate for International Coffee Day, Kwanzaa or Labor Day this year is by following this handy chart.

Social Media Holiday Guide Graph