Choose Your Own Adventure


Few companies are as well-known as IBM and it is one of the worlds' most enduring brand. For more than a century, the global technology and innovation company has focused on helping build a smarter planet with operations in over 170 countries.

IBM also has the oldest average age of employees in the tech sector at 44 years. So, attracting graduates to join the business in Australia was a fascinating challenge as IBM is not 'cool' and doesn't want to be 'cool'. It does offer incredible career opportunity and diversity however many graduates were unaware that IBM offered career choices outside of Information Technology.


Isentia Two Social ran a social media campaign to highlight the breadth of career choices available at IBM for graduates in Australia. The campaign encouraged graduates to explore IBM for themselves through a Choose 'Your Own Adventure' YouTube campaign.

Two Social created a series of videos highlighting the benefits of a career at IBM. At the end of each video through annotations, the graduate would be given 2-3 options to choose the next video in the series. Through the process graduates would discover that IBM offered much more than a career in IT. But more importantly reinforced to graduates that they can choose their own career paths at IBM.


  • 8,004 organic views of the videos during the campaign equating to over 55 hours of elapsed viewing time
  • The new 'behind the scenes' blog posts also reach 2,500 unique views
  • 4,944 applications were received, 132 direct offers were made, of whom 45% were to female candidates