Gastro-Intestinal Cancer


The Gastro Intestinal Cancer Institute (GICI) wanted to utilise traditional and social media to raise awareness and educate Australian's about gastro intestinal cancer and the Gastro Intestinal Cancer Institute.

A key challenge was to raise community awareness to a level comparable to other forms of cancer, such as breast and prostate, which are more widely known yet have a higher survival rate.


In collaboration with PR Agency, Ethical Strategies, the team designed a social campaign that supported the media conversation while also utilising the power of user generated content.

The first phase was the launch of a 30s animation on Facebook and Twitter which outlines exactly what the disease is, who is affected by gastro intestinal cancer, what the GICI do and why they operate. The video was also developed as a TVC for online and television networks and reached a total media audience of 1,463,750.

To continue momentum on social, the video was followed up by a series of statistical data that shed lightly on the devastating effects of gastro intestinal cancer and the great work done by GICI to help reverse this pattern.

For phase 2, the campaign used 'everyday' bodies to establish the start of a '"Do you have the #Guts to donate" movement which encouraged the audience to tag themselves with the hashtag or a face on their stomachs in support of GICI and their patients.

With multiple pieces of user generated content uploaded and tagged back to GICI's Facebook and Twitter handles the movement gained momentum with the help of some famous supporters including Angela Bishop, Robbie Farah, Joe Hildebrand, Sandra Sully, Hugh Riminton, Ray Gatt and Tracey Spicer doing the same. Many of which challenged their friend to show their #guts.


  • The video reached over 76,000 Australian's on social media - half of which viewed the video.
  • The video was shared 58 times; even without a call to action and the GICI donations page increased page visits by 219%.

Check out the creative produced on our Portfolio page: