How to be a blogging Superhero

Image Credit: Helgi Halldorsson

Lord knows how many articles Clarke Kent pushed out. I mean, in between pining over Lois Lane and fighting crime, I don't think there was an awful lot of time for him to rip out quality editorial.

For many of us in Social Media, whether it's a the crux of our role or something our boss has us cover in a smaller capacity, creating blogs and writing in general can be tough.

So how can you go about churning out long-form written content in a fashion befitting a red "S" on your chest?


What do I write about? I don't have anything interesting to say!

No one is born interesting. Even though I may like to think that I've been a compelling individual since an early age. The truth is we need to continually feed ourselves with inspiration and knowledge to churn out ideas at the rate of a Superhero.

To do this, make sure you're consuming lots of existing high quality content. Follow the right people and brands on social, set up Google Alerts for relevant keywords, and join useful groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that foster good discussions.

I've subscribed to the email blast from Copyblogger, and I follow Jeff Bullas' tweets for tips on the blogging front. For that creative spark, I follow any brand or individual who pushes out content about my industry.

It's not then about ripping off existing content, but blogging about your thoughts or angle on these topics. Think of how many times the Superman franchise has been rebooted! Ok, bad example…


It's often hard to consistently write bucket loads of 400+ word blogs. Time really is against us. Whilst you can't zip around the earth at the speed of light to reverse time and  give yourself an extra day to punch out a piece, you can make it easy for yourself.

Firstly, make sure you capture all that inspiration from the 'Ideas' step. Brainstorm ideas and have a running schedule of the topics you want to cover to help give you the extra push. Doing this effectively will give you a pool of topics to get blogging on!

I love to 'mind map' my ideas and content. I find it helps me brainstorm ideas, sub topics, and even throw down random thoughts. I've thrown in the finish product of a quick map I did as I fleshed out this blog.

Evernote is another app I love to help me keep up the quantity of blogs. Every time I have an idea I feel is useful, I jam it down on that helpful green app, and being cloud based, can then grab that info when I'm next at my PC! Clarke Kent's notepad and pen has been replaced by a Smartphone and App!

Oh, and don't forget to block out time each day/week for blogging. Otherwise it just won't get done. 

Blogging mindmap


Think of the blogs you follow or read regularly. Why? I'd hazard a guess that it's not just the topics they cover, but how it's written.

Finding your tone has two sides to the puzzle. There's how you like to write, leveraged off your normal conversational tone, and also how best to talk to your audience.

Once you've developed your blogging tone, you'll achieve a level of consistency which will not only make it easier to write blogs on a whim, but also help build an audience base. If your tone resonates with your audience, they shall return more often.

I'm not saying that if you nail these three, that you'll be on the Forbes list of the most influential people. However, they're a start, and soon your blogging muscle will become as well defined as Henry Cavill's lats… and possibly more destructive.