Quality vs quantity on Instagram

Confession:  I own 40 pairs of shoes, but only wear 9 of them.

I'm not some strange shoe hoarder…apparently women on average will only wear a quarter of the shoes in their wardrobe.

Apparently this is true of your Instagram feed.   On average we're only consuming 30% of our feeds.

So earlier this week Instagram announced, in a blog post, that they're going to be changing our feeds so that the 30% we are consuming will be the best experience with content, they believe, we will care about the most.

Just like parent company Facebook and more recently Twitter, Instagram will be jumping on the personalisation trend by introducing an algorithm to our feeds which will prioritise what we see based on our interests, friends and other data.  In theory this means fewer boring sunsets from random people, and more eye candy shots from our friends and hopefully our favourite brands.

With insane engagement rates by users, Instagram just made quality content a must have this season.  So this latest tweak to Instagram sets the challenge for brands to not be relegated to the back of the wardrobe.  Just like Facebook, poor content will mean lack of engagement and read time, which will ultimately see your organic reach diminish drastically. The opportunity is to consistently post quality content that makes people think, laugh, smile, or share with their friends, and in return you'll be rewarded with even more wear!

But we'll need to wait and see if the shoe fits.  For now only a tiny percentage of users will test the algorithm with the results determining whether the changes are made permanently across the platform.   But there have been signals of a new season approaching, with Instagram making a collection of seemingly small tweaks, most recently was the de-emphasizing of timestamps on posts - shrinking them to underneath the photo.

One thing is certain though, this season brands need get ahead of the trend proposed by Instagram by thinking quality first…no one wants be to be a fashion outcast!