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With the recruiting period approaching, Isentia Two Social were approached by a professional services firm to create a campaign that focused on targeting 'STEM' graduates - meaning those with skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Additionally, the campaign needed to engage with not only new grads but also future grads that would share with their friends and leave them with a positive experience of the brand, and awareness of the variety of roles available at the firm. The campaign was to be primarilyy driven through Facebook, however, needed the flexibility to be utilised at live events such as expo's and career campus days across the recruiting period.


Working with their brand and graduate teams, Isentia Two Social created an interactive game that echoed that of a 'Where's Wally' but instead of finding the infamous stripey male icon, the gamers had to select a STEM category and find those objects. For example, if Science was chosen, players had to find symbols like a wifi signal or a falling apple, demonstrating gravity.

A time cap was set and if players found or objects or time ran out, scores were tallied and an arcade like score boarded was offered to the player to save their score, share and challenge friends to beat them (via social share buttons) and additionally, the opportunity to enter the competition to win the overseas experience. Or for those who are more competitive or wanted to reach the top '10' for a better chance in the competition, players could play again, try another 'STEM' category, or play them all and enter the competition repeatedly.

The game also featured information about the work the graduates could do within the STEM fields at the professional services firm and sent interested parties off to their website to learn more about the company, how to apply for opportunities, and what else was on offer as an employee.


Released over a long weekend, the game went extremely well; taking advantage of students potentially looking for distractions at family gatherings.


  • Total Games: 6066
  • Total Competition Entries: 690
  • Facebook advertising
  • The game reached 370,355 Australians with an average CTR of 0.8%
  • 389 Page likes, 30 Comments, 13 Shares, 4,850 website clicks and 410 Page Likes

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