Social Selling


One of Australia's largest life insurers contacted the team at Isentia Two Social to help them create a social media campaign that would drive income protection policy sales, ahead of the new financial year. However, social media isn't necessarily a place where people research or buy insurance. For most people, income protection is a discretionary purchase.


By focusing on two distinct audience sets and creating bespoke communication for each, Isentia Two Social heightened the emotional rather than the rational reasons to purchase income protection, through Facebook native advertising.

The first audience was single mums who carry a unique responsibility to their dependent children. The second were tradespeople who are high risk with 3,560 claiming workers compensation each year.

The campaign focused around a mobile only native campaign on Facebook, using 8 separate creative executions, through 4 unique landing pages, which led to a mobile optimised quotation page on the Insurance line website.


  • Cost per lead was 65% lower than digital display
  • Cost per sale was 61% lower than paid search
  • Sales conversion ratios were 10x better than eDM

The results were so successful that the six-week campaign was extended to six months. Social media became the strongest lead generator and sales conversion platform in digital.