The Value Exchange


Isentia Two Social were approached by a large professional services firm to help them in the last year of a three year brand campaign that sought to bring to life their purpose through building relationships and creating value with their clients, people and society.

Year three was to focus exclusively on social media to drive engagement and equity throughout the year, with the client offering $80,000 in 'Value Exchange Grants' to ideas that created value in the Australian community.


Facebook was chosen as the key channel for the program due to its reach and was supported by Twitter and YouTube. The Value Exchange Grants were divided into a $30,000 major Grant and 50 separate $1,000 micro Grants to spread the potential Value as widely as possible throughout the community. Applicants had to provide an outline of how their idea would create Value and fit into one of the key themes.

The Micro Grant application form was hosted exclusively on Facebook where the applicant had to outline their idea with some basic information.

In addition to the Micro Grants, a single $30,000 was also offered to an Australian individual or organisation using the same entry criteria as the Micro grants but designed to help fund a more significant undertaking. Applicants were asked to download and complete a more exacting application pack, which consisted of a templated business plan and budget.

Dedicated Facebook Tabs promoted the grants and the application form was exclusively hosted through a separate Tab on the Facebook Page. Twitter was used to multiply the reach of the campaign and the YouTube channel provided supporting video content.

A conversation calendar was mapped to the clients communications plan, creating fortnightly content implementation plans with ongoing community management driving engagement with Page Fans.

To maintain momentum, notable Australians appeared on YouTube and Facebook hosted videos discussing what they value and each grant recipient along with their idea were also broadcast through Facebook.


The objectives for the campaign were structured into three distinct sections, namely social media inputs, social media outputs and ultimately brand positioning.

  • Facebook Likes increased by 756 per cent to 13,03;
  • 4.8 million organic impressions which equated to 312 per cent of target;
  • 13,709 interactions and an interaction rate of 2.50 per cent, 500 per cent above target;
  • 103, 960 Page Views - 148 per cent of target;
  • Twitter Followers were increased to 1,847 which was 11% of target; and
  • Views on YouTube of more than 55,000 with 130 subscribers.
  • Brand Health also significantly improved as the firm was ranked best consulting firm in Australia during 2013
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